First and foremost, this 3D body scanner brings a new solution for fitness centers by providing this experiential use, which means much amid the epidemic to increase clients and improve sale capacity. Second, the detailed body specs and trend data will help your clients directly see through the body changes and get closer to their body status with this machine expert, to make the clients more reliable to your store. Third, the industry-leading AI-cloud body reports, to make it store and retrieve client data easier and smarter. These three advantages make this scanner a marketing tool, to maximize sale conversion, and maintain a good relationship with all members.

Compared to the last version of the smart scanning product, Visbody R is designed with a brand-new look, the “column + Mat” design manages to reduce the weight to 44.5 Kg, make it easier to move and fit for different scenes, whether in the large-chain center or small personalized center.

IBS tech sees through the client body

Working with the Tsinghua University, the Visbody team creates the world's first IBS tech, to simplify the scanning process. Testers just need to follow the device's voice and rotate the body, Visbody R will generate the real 3D body avatar, as well as to measure the body assessments, posture analysis, circumference. every member will fully know the effects of body status before and after fitness.

Cloud body reports guarantee more professional service

Every time your members use the Visbody R 3D body scanner, their body reports will be auto-sync and archive to the cloud platform. Both coach and member can check the data to read the data, enabling to make the plan effective. As we all know, the data tells us more, and it will be more convincing to attract your clients into the members, to improve consumer viscosity by reducing marketing cost.

Smaller size, lighter weight. Visbody R enables you to upgrade the services with a limited budget, by creating product differentiation, improve service reputation. The most valuable parts of Visbody are:

  • It takes only 40 seconds for the Visbody 3D body scanner to complete the whole process: Generate a real 3D body avatar, body assessment, as well as body reports, make all visualized and simple.
  • 3D bone point detection delivers the millimeter accuracy to get posture measurements. These professional assessment results help the fitness center provide more humanized services. In 2020, Visbody releases the leg shape & knee joint assessment, based on the requirement of members, to help the fitness store make the customized plans as well as the marketing of beauty products.
  • Embedded with BDA and BIA algorithm, Visbody R provides 15 key body compositions, delivering the most trustworthy and detailed data report for coaches to provide customized training plans for different members.

If you are interested in the Visbody 3D body scanner and want to have a try for your own business, just get in touch with our team and we’d like to talk to you.