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    On January 6, 2021, the Trump Supporters were gathering to hear the President Speak arriving when the gates opened at 7 a.m.. The photo below was taken at 9:51 a.m. The people were happy and waiting as more and more joined the crowd in the designated spot that the event was to be held. Photos here being taken and cell phones were filming live in the VIP area in front of the stage.

    The trolls put out a video later that day, showing the happy team inside the white tent watching people gather at the VIP stage, and falsely stated that President Trump and the team were watching the Trump Supporters break into the Capitol laughing at the event. This was a bold face lie. If you watch the videos you will hear the song “Gloria” being played in the background and see the VIP section of the stage and the happy crowd standing in front waiting.

    Watch and see how they lied.

    The event was supposed to start at 11 am. ET. President Trump was late and it did not begin until 12:30 pm ET and some say even a little longer after that. His speech, including his intro and his ending where he danced and applauded the crowd time length was one hour and seventeen minutes or so long. You can watch on the Rightside Broadcasting link below. You will see that when he spoke, it went longer than it was planned to go. This brings us to 1:47 p.m. ET. The breech had already taken place while the speech was being held.

    After President Trump’s speech he announced that he was to lead the crowd to the capitol where he would give an account to the evidence of voter fraud. Sadly, that never happened as planned due to the wickedness preplanned by those who oppose President Trump and obviously now it appears, who also support the insurrection. I’m not sure what else one could call it. The entire fiasco is as lawless as it can be.

    MAIN STREAM NEWS IS MAKING FALSE CLAIMS AND REPORTING DOWNRIGHT LIES ABOUT THE EVENT. No one is showing the footage of the Presidents remarks that he will meet them at the capitol and the secret service will escort them.


    NEWSWEEK REPORTED: “Trump began speaking at around noon, according to USA Today, and the first rioters began clashing with police at the Capitol at around 1:10 p.m., after Trump’s speech was over.”

    See full false witness bearing article here:

    It has now been reported that the capitol was breeched at 1:15 p.m., On January 6, 2021. Footage of the DC Police show a busload of ANTIFA gathered at a barricade on the opposite side of the Capitol jeering to get in and the DC Police open the barricade and let them through at this time. They did not go through the check in point that the Trump Supporters went through. All supporters had to have their belongings checked before entering.

    This ANTIFA/BLM Swarm was taking place while Pres. Trump was speaking and continueing as the patriots were walking to the Captitol. It continued on and on as the people who they wanted to blame it on were late arriving.

    Remember, President Trump was over an hour and a half late in starting his speech. Attendees were told by President Trump that the secret service would escort them to the Capitol where he would meet them and tell them of the voter fraud evidence.

    The Trump supporters peacefully began their walk to the capitol. As they walked along, eye witnesses in the crowd (all of the crowd) heard shots and wondered what was going on. They heard shouts and shots. By the time they got to the Capitol, the President had released a message for them to leave but they were filming live and most all of the people did not know the President issued a message to leave. You Tube and Twitter took the message down.

    How Trump's pied pipers rallied a faithful mob to the US Capitol, United  States News & Top Stories - The Straits Times
    These are the real Trump Supporters and patriots. Note the white tents behind the stage. This is where the Trump Team was situated watching the people arrive. They were not watching the Capitol building being invaded by ANTIFA/BLM an/or crisis actors.

    After the event, social media censored the President of the United States placing the nation in grave danger at a time of Emergency and threats of war between Iran and China. At the same time they busied themselves censoring key figures and law abiding Americans in the same manner. They went so far as to take down an entire alternative social media site – Parler. The same media techs have allowed hate speech, death and other terrorizing threats to go full throttle across social media and news sites against innocent Americans.

    White House has all the videos of people, places and times.

    President Trump and the Trump Team have access to Capitol surveillance footage and know the Capitol was breeched before patriots reached the Capitol lawn. He knows that the entire breakin was a set up by the deep state swamp, assisted by DC Mayor, and DC Capitol Police. They also know that because patriots had not arrived on time…that the invaders posing as patriots had to stay in the Capitol much longer than anticipated IN ORDER TO BLAME IT ON THE PATRIOTS.

    INFILTRATION within the government at the Capitol Building is out of control. They have contrived an evil thought and put it into full action. They have stolen both the peoples vote and the peoples honor by bearing false witness!

    I won’t even go down the list of how many of the ten commandments of God they have breeched against His people domestic and foreign. God is watching all things and he is not mocked.

    Pray for the people who have partaken in the mob action for they know not what they do. Pray for the people to have strength, faith, and patience as God moves throughout this land and the entire earth sifting the wheat from the tares. For he shall not abandon his people. Amen.

    Dianne Marshall

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    Comment by Jim Campbell

    January 14th, 2021

    Everyone knew a Democratic presidential administration would be radically leftist.

    Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is already demonstrating just how far left they’ll go when it comes to immigration policy. [Source]

    In here complete ignorance and arrogance she believes she has a shot at becoming President of the United States.

    Don’t bet on it.

    Harris hinted that the incoming administration will go full speed ahead with President-elect Joe Biden’s disastrous policy to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, Breitbart reported.

    Breitbart News Consortium

    By Neil Murno

    January 14th, 2021

    Harris is not a Democrat she falls more in line with the teachings of Marx and Engles.

    Engels developed what is now known as Marxism together with Marx.

    By Christine Favocci

    January 14, 2021

    In 1845, he published The Condition of the Working Class in England , based on personal observations and research in English cities. In 1848, Engels co-authored The Communist Manifesto with Marx and also authored and co-authored (primarily with Marx) many other works.

    In addition, Harris promised to speed up the time between obtaining a green card and having voting rights, setting herself up for a new voter base in time for the 2028 or even the 2024 presidential election.

    Speaking to the Spanish-language television network Univision, Harris promised she’d be “tightening up the whole process for green cards,” a required step on the way to eventual citizenship and voter status.

    [To provide and endless stream of welfare recipients and future Democrat voters.]

    “The immigration process is going to be about shortening the time by creating more and greater efficiencies, allowing people who have Temporary Protected Status — and in particular [Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act] and TPS holders — to automatically get green cards,” Harris promised.

    While the wait can be as long as 13 years, Harris’ plan would close the gap to around seven by automatically granting green cards to those broad groups.

    She is also for granting 16 year-olds to vote.

    As many conservatives have long suspected, their motive may be that a swift-moving citizenship process could give Democrats an electoral advantage with the flood of new voters.

    Simply classifying an illegal immigrant under either of those statuses could mean an explosion of newly-minted citizens in record time, and that has some critics worried.

    “The value of Americans’ citizenship would be reduced because presidents would simply be able to give citizenship out to anybody,” Mark Krikorian, the director of the Center for Immigration Studies, said.

    “He could award green cards — which permit citizenship — to anybody he wants from any country in any number — it is appalling.” Krikorian also worried that a president rather than Congress would take on such powers.

    The Biden-Harris plan is in stark contrast to the outgoing administration. Beginning with his run bid for the Republican nomination in 2015, President Donald Trump promised to be tough on immigration.

    One of his main objectives was to build a wall along the southern border to keep the numbers of illegal immigrants to a minimum.

    As he prepares to leave office, Trump boasted he “achieved the most secure southern border in U.S. history.”

    Trump warned that a return to such liberalization of immigration laws means a return to the caravans of immigrants flooding the U.S. as they did during former President Barack Obama’s administration.

    The problem then with unaccompanied minors showing up at the U.S. Mexico border was so severe, the Obama White House was forced to address the problem in an official statement paying lipservice to tighten up the border security.

    Illegal immigration is a humanitarian crisis that Democrats perpetuate.

    They invite untold numbers of illegal immigrants into the country to live and work in poverty so they can secure their votes with government handouts. Unfortunately, it appears the Biden administration is more concerned with gaining voters by quick legalization rather than actually helping anyone.


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    Comment By Jim Campbell

    January 14th, 2021

    Biden’s delusions will cost us another 1.9 trillion Dollars.

    By us, I mean middle class tax payers

    Oh Oh, Biden was completely lost.

    As he bloviates after going at big business and making sure everyone pays “His fair share,” he cannot be trusted.

    How could he sound and act like the foolish idiot that he is, if he wasn’t on medication or the words were being spoken directly into his ear.

    Move the the bar below to the 9 minute mark to hear Biden.

    I Repeat:

    When Biden talks about every on paying their fair share and going after big business he brushes aside that we for the most part will be paying additionally for our “Unfair Share.

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    Bail fund promoted by Kamala Harris won't share records of alleged criminals it sprung from jail
    Amid violent riots, vice president-elect promoted cash fund that helped convicted rapist, accused murderer.
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    By Jim Campbell

    January, 13th, 2021

    Nancy Pelosi just lynched the sitting president, Donald J. Trump a second time.

    The vapid one has no idea how she has taken a giant step in water to deep to rescue her as if anyone would try.

    Who me? What did I do?……..The last gasp of a dying fool.

    She is a vicious old blister from the past.

    Will her foolish move be able to keep President Trump from running in 2024?

    It’s doubtful our Founding Fathers could think that far ahead and there is certainly no case law at the U.S. Supreme Court level.

    Look to the fake media to all fall in line with the same sound bites, President Trump can’t run again in 2024.

    Complete B.S. President asked all his fans to be peaceful.

    They already started on January 6th, Impeach Trump again to block him from running in 2024.

    Donald Trump speaks at the First in the Nation Leadership Summit in Nashua, NH, on April 18, 2015; Shutterstock ID 283689917; Purchase Order: ccg

    Gorilla warfare.

    Democrat anti-Trump Senators and members claim to be in fear of their lies, as well they should be.

    This of course isn’t from the Supreme Court, and we will not find it on the SCOTUS blog.

    He and the entire voting populace, be it Democrat or Republican were raped.

    How are we to ever going to believe our votes count?

    Trust that if President Trump want to run again he will do so.

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    By Jim Campbell

    January 13th, 2021

    To make matters worse he said anyone who voted from President Trump should be sent to reeducation camps as well.

    Who know what Biden has in store for us, he’s not that sharp but those he has selected for his cabinet are as wild as rabid dogs.

    How long will it be for peace loving Americans to continue to subject themselves to this form of harassment.

    A message could be send by send a note to several of those who are well know, saying something like, get your affairs in order, you have three days.

    Then wham, I sniper comes from no where and the attrition begins.

    Dialing that up a notch, what’s that? Nancy Pelosi has just fallen to a gunman’s bullet.

    The last known picture taken of Pelosi in repose.

    Couldn’t anyone in her party show some common decency and put quarters over each eye?

    Please scroll downward, more WordPress formatting errors

    It’s about time.

    Men and women from both parties are resigning and leaving Washington before the Biden inauguration day January 21st.

    Bummer, and then I woke up from such a wonderful dream.

    There is no intention to suggest to any reader that they take action on my dream.

    Seriously, honest!


    Unless President Trump has some legal way to keep Biden from moving into the White House it’s good to see his sense of humor is in tact.


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    The Largest Gun Forum Kicked Off The Net Without Explanation

    I told my husband the other day that the Communist Left would be coming for guns, immediately. If you study Nazi and Communist regimes, you understand they come for guns as soon as they seize power. The first step is to cut off communication between friends. Then, they come for guns. They’ll probably come shortly after they close the nation down. I believe they will do that. They probably told “Go Daddy” to either kick ARFCOM off or face being taken off the net.

    By the way, Leftists who bought guns: They are coming for yours also. NOBODY gets a ‘pass’ under totalitarians.

    Those of you who do not have guns as weapons, get crossbows. You will need to protect your homes from robbers, animals, what not.

    The Biggest Gun Forum Just Kicked Off The Internet Without Explanation

    Repent America. Turn to God. FAST. Read the Bible.

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