I'm thinking that they [Jagexare able to OSRS GP create a combination of Smithing and Mining Guild. You would need lvl 60 for each one to get in however, it is important that those who are excellent miners/smithers to have doors that separates them. Mining Guild Re-Vampedc’mon seriously, about 5 mithril rock and 30 coals. I say 15-20 mithril, 10-12 adamant and 3-5 and 8-12 gold. This makes it popular and over-populated which is why it's not the runite.

Smithing Guild. Well, in smithing what are two essential components? Anvils and a furnace are two of the most important aspects of smithing. This section of the guild is filled. The shop will allow users to purchase or sell the bars and ores from the mines or smiths. But, as it's an NPC shop, the price of selling and the purchase price will be lower than G.E. This is done to prevent those who are not staying long enough and making a lot of money.

I had tried posting it on the official forums of rs However, as nobody responded, I thought I'd also try posting it on sals. To begin my plan is: zombie wars.

This is a brand new runescape minigame where you will be transported to the world of a different universe. Everything is as normal, with the exception of a few things; everywhere is deserted and dark and there's a creepy mist hanging about everywhere, the entire village is run-down and there are zombies and ghastly creatures all over!

The concept is that forces of old school runescape gold evil have driven guthix and saradomin(and any gods who do not approve of zombies everywhere) out of Runescape which is why zamorak and the gods of the dark have been in control, filling the world up with zombies, skeletons, and a myriad of other vile creatures. In this minigame you can only fight enemies, but only other players. to make it simpler to work as a team, everywhere is multi-combat.